Employee Spotlight- Christine Hippen

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From Parkersburg, Iowa to Los Angeles, California, Christine Hippen packed her bags and set off on her adventure after high school graduation. She was set to discover her opportunities out West. After 10 years in California working in customer service, Iowa was calling her home. 

With nearly 20 years of experience working in various customer service roles, Christine Hippen has spent the past 11 years as a Customer Service Specialist at Landus Cooperative. Although she has worked at multiple locations, Dike, Kesley, Parkersburg, Bristow, and Greene, her mission has stayed the same: to provide the best customer experience for our grower’s every time. “Kesley has always been my home, but I have been happy to travel to new locations to help train my teammates,” noted Chris. At the small Kesley location, only two full-time employees, along with one shared Operation Superintendent operate the whole facility. Hippen has become very flexible with her job. “I’ve unloaded grain, and I have even driven the skid loader when the team needed my assistance,” noted Chris.

“Some people are surprised when I say that I grade corn. As a customer service specialist, they think I sit at my desk and am on my phone all day,” shared Chris. In reality, she runs the scales, grades grain, completes all settlements, manages phone calls, and ensures customer satisfaction. 

She appreciates the family-like comradery she experiences at work every day. “Since we are such a tiny branch, our teamwork is amazing. We keep each other accountable, and are able to celebrate our successes,” Chris stated. The team is very proud of what they do daily at the Kesley location, but they don’t forget to have fun. They share many laughs at the office and even share a celebratory meal a couple of times a year. 

“Kesley is a very small, tight-knit community where everyone helps each other,” shared Chris. Chris enjoys volunteering with the local FFA chapter. She has pulled the Aplington Parkersburg FFA float in parades and has even attended seminar classes at the school to represent Landus Cooperative. 

Christine Hippen takes pride in the work that she does and the customers she services every single day at the Landus Cooperative, Kesley location. She found her home in this community and in her role as a Customer Service Specialist. 

HR Christine Hippen Employee Testimonial Website 100319 v12