Employee Spotlight - Jordan Pierce

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With a degree in recreation from the University of Northern Iowa, getting to work outdoors and the change of pace throughout the year is what drew Jordan Pierce to Landus. 

As an applicator in Dike, Iowa for the last seven years, Pierce said he owes his knowledge and skills to the employees at Yetter as it was the location he first began working at.

“They taught me everything I know,” said Pierce. “I owe them a lot of recognition,”

Additionally, Pierce is currently involved in a personal development plan. These plans stretch employees beyond their current roles. They provide opportunities to develop additional knowledge and skills to help employees grow professionally. As a program that is specialized to you specifically, he recommends this for all Landus employees who are wanting to grow in their career here.

Learning the many ways of leadership has been a key part of Pierce’s growth at Landus. One of his recent accomplishments was graduating the Cedar Valley Leadership Institute, an eight-month-long course that he pursued through his personal development plan.

During the busy seasons, Pierce sprays crops, spreads fertilizer, dumps grain, delivers and sorts feed, and delivers chemicals like anhydrous. And if he’s not doing that, he’s maintaining equipment and prepping for the next busy season.

Pierce is excited for the future of the company and the new direction from Landus President and CEO Matt Carstens and his introduction of our three critical success factors – our farmer-owners are at the center of all we do, our employees are empowered, and leaning into the future of ag. 

“We have so many locations, and each one operates a bit different. Giving employees the empowerment to do what they know is best for the customer and being able to do it right away is really great,” said Pierce. 

For him, customer service means everything. 

“We have to make sure that they have a great experience and that we’re building their trust to keep serving them. I always put myself in the shoes of my customer to ensure I’m doing quality work – the best that I can do.”

Close-knit with his co-workers, Pierce enjoys going to dinner on Friday with them after work or having a golf outing – a longtime passion of his. But when social distancing, they prefer to grill for lunch.

It’s clear that Jordan Pierce is a team player with his final advice - “don’t think you know everything; you can always learn more. We’re all a team and there’s no true job description, you should always be helpful.