Employee Spotlight Josh Riesberg

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As a helicopter mechanic in the Marine Corp, Josh Riesberg has spent time in Kuwait, Jordan, Japan, Korea and even near Australia. For five years, he wielded a firearm and served on humanitarian missions. Today, his job at Landus Cooperative as Location Manager for Templeton, Irwin, and Manilla still has a global reach, just slightly different. 

The Templeton location is a hub for western Iowa grain that Josh and his team load onto trains bound for Mexico and other export destinations. “Our goal is to service and add value in the global economy and supply chain,” said the Carroll County native. 

In his thirteen years at Landus Cooperative, Josh Riesberg has served in a variety of roles. He first started in outside operations, then became a superintendent and now the location manager. “I thought it’d be a transition job to feed my family, but opportunities came about to work my way up. It’s a fun job to go to every day.”

For those that know Riesberg, they may easily use the word “responsibility” or “family” to describe his leadership style. 

Much like the military, his team is like his family. “We all succeed as a team and safety is the priority. I have good, honest, hard-working employees, and they’re empowered to shut things down if they feel like things are going exactly right; we don’t question somebody making that call. We check it out and figure out what to do next.” 

Riesberg credits his previous military experience that prepared him to lead a team. He served five years as an E5 Sergeant in the Marine Corps. He received a lot of leadership training in the military; now he adjusts that prior training to meet the needs of his employees and customers. Josh said, “I took care of my troops just like I did my family, and now I serve my employees and customers how I would serve my family.” 

He promotes Landus Cooperative as an employer to military veterans; much like the military, your job is part of something bigger. “Operations at a cooperative is not a glamorous job, but its something new every day. You aren’t sitting in a factory making windows all day. You might do the same thing for a week, but then the next week something else will come up.” 

Riesberg notes a career at Landus Cooperative has other advantages. “We have an awesome health care plan; a plan which is better than a lot of places out there,” he notes. “It’s a very stable company, and you can work your way up in the ranks.” 

He also notes the company’s community involvement in making local donations and supporting employees who get involved. 

Riesberg’s sense of community is strong. Much like many of his teammates at Landus Cooperative, he was born and raised in the same community he serves today. His kids walk the halls of the same high school he went to. “My customers and I all live in the same community,” he said. “I see them at football games, at church, at the grocery store and then I see them in our location. It’s like we are all a family.” 

HR Josh Riesberg Employee Testimonial Facebook 060319 v2