Employee Spotlight Randy Babcock

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For more than 26 years, Randy Babcock has enjoyed his customers. “We have a heck of a bunch of good customers.  All around, their personalities, pretty much everything,” said Babcock the customer service specialist at Early. “A lot of them, you treat them just like family.”


It’s not just the customers that make Randy enjoy coming to work each day. “Our teamwork is excellent here. If someone needs help, we’re here,” he said of his six full-time teammates. “Whether it’s your “department” or not, we help each other,” he explained.


Because the Randy feels like his customers are his family, he notes that they see how well the employees like their jobs. “The customers see that we’re treated very well by Landus Cooperative and by each other.  They treat us very well.  Our customers see that we’re treated very well. Some mornings for coffee, we’ll have 8-10 people here. That’s in part, because they like our employees and the way we communicate with them as customers. We make them feel welcome.”


Having been with the cooperative for nearly three decades, Randy has seen a lot of change and heard what customers say about the cooperative. If he had to share one thing about the cooperative with someone who was applying for a job he’d promote the health care benefits. “The health care is excellent. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Also, we have a retirement package. Landus Cooperative did a very good job of putting a good package together for us.”