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John Schmahl Joins the Landus Conduit Team

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DES MOINES, Iowa (February 9, 2023) — Landus Conduit is proud to welcome John Schmahl as director of strategic partners. John brings a wealth of experience in the agricultural start-up space and relationships with potential up- and downstream partners. The primary function of Conduit, launched by Landus in November 2022, is to cultivate relationships and partnerships benefiting Landus farmer-owners outside of the traditional boundaries in which Landus currently operates. 

“Landus Conduit is a key connector to the growth and value of Landus for our farmer-owners where we seek to find new opportunities without the historical costs of brick-and-mortar buildings,” said Matt Carstens, president and CEO of Landus. “Supplementing Conduit’s ambitions with someone like John, who has experience in the startup environment, brings us a network of skills needed to be successful as we build out our global footprint.”

Schmahl joins Landus Conduit after nearly five years in the startup world with Indigo and Farmers Edge where he was responsible for the U.S. strategic accounts and managed sales teams across the Eastern U.S. Previous to that, he gained experience from all sides of production agriculture and retail during his time with Monsanto, Cargill, and Winfield United.

Schmahl joins Bruce Vernon, Landus Conduit Leader, in pursuing further partnerships that span across the globe. “The addition of John makes a substantial difference to how we approach partnerships in areas where Landus doesn't currently do business. Having him on board builds our connections outside the Midwest region and beyond,” said Vernon.

With the vetted experience and knowledge John brings to the table, Conduit can continue its endeavors in neighboring regions. The path forward in expanding the customer base for Landus farmer-owners doesn’t end in the U.S. By growing partnerships outside of the U.S., farmer-owners can access a more diverse set of consumers and find even more competitive markets.


As a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Iowa, Landus elevates and uplifts thousands of farmers in communities throughout rural America. Landus employs more than 600 people across the Midwest and Mexico. By activating the power of data to connect key contributors across the ag supply chain, we’re helping farmers build sustainable and profitable businesses and activating a more secure food and fuel future for farmers and consumers alike.