Check Out the New Grain Features


Over the past few weeks, you’ve maybe noticed some changes to our social media accounts and push notifications through our app promoting new grain features Landus is offering. Although these are brand new programs, we’re already injecting them with new features that ease your use in our portal and expand your relationship with the grain services Landus offers. 

All new to the Landus brand is the Landus GROW Market Advantage service. It’s a one-on-one grain marketing consulting service offered to famers interested in elevating their grain market. With this subscription, you can expect: 

  • Development of a personalized marketing plan focused on risk management 
  • Regular communication regarding reports, marketing trends, and daily market commentary 
  • Customized sales recommendations 
  • Access to a variety of marketing tools and assistance making a diverse marketing portfolio 
  • Detailed reporting for all sales 

And most importantly, you will have direct access to a trusted expert working in an unbiased manner. This advisor works for you, the farmer, to help streamline, elevate, and grow your grain marketing strategy. This program will be tailored to fit your needs and comfort level. This is a service with limited spots available. Reach out to Cassie DeWerff or Paige Garrels to enroll! 

Custom grain priced contracts can be created through the Landus Customer Portal and app. Now, your desired bids can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. Commodity, location, number of bushels, method of fulfillment, and time window of delivery can all be configured in each contract. You can also make an offer price and set the offer’s expiration date. For a walkthrough video displaying this free service in action, watch this YouTube video.

Grain ACH payments are now available to be fulfilled through the Landus Customer Portal and app. Select from any of your bank accounts and submit payments when it’s convenient for you. For a walkthrough video of this free service, watch this video.

Landus is also offering a free price-later offer in select areas. This offer is good for both Landus members and non-members and allows those who deliver grain to price them at any time before August 24, 2023, with no service fee. 

Our continued efforts to improve the ease of use on our platforms shows our dedication to delivering an above-and-beyond online experience. If you have questions about these features, please reach out to your GROW Solutions Grain expert or call (515) 800-GROW (4769).