Set Up YOUR Grain Deliveries Online

Harvest 4

While setting up deliveries beforehand may be new, this process will ensure that lines move faster to get you in and out as quickly as possible, to save you valuable time during harvest.

The online form allows you to set up deliveries without the need to mail them in – unlike the paper forms. These online forms are found within your customer portal:

To better serve you and save your time, we ask that you submit your delivery setup information to just one single location (preferred location). This location will set up your deliveries for all the locations you plan to bring grain to. 

How To: Online Delivery Set Up Form

Set up delivery on line 1

1. Fill it out online within your customer portal or app in the “Grain” section after logging in.

Set up delivery on line 2

2. It will be sent to the CSS or Location Manager of your preferred location. This location will print out your harvest delivery signs and mail them all to you.

Delivering at Harvest

As with every harvest, we will ask you to:

• At most locations, please display your delivery signs at the probe shack and on the scale to help us correctly identify the load as it is delivered; this contactless method will help protect everyone’s health and keep the lines moving quickly 

• If you switch fields, please make sure your drivers know to hold up the appropriate sign or let the staff know 

• Please remind your drivers to check their tickets before leaving to be sure the information is correct.

Harvest Logistics Updates

We remain committed to protecting the health of our farmer-owners and customers amid COVID-19 health concerns. Please check with your Landus location regarding their office-entry policies. Most continue to offer no-contact transaction options. We strongly encourage you to call ahead for the moisture check process and availability.