Warm Weather Creates Bin Concerns

Grain Bins

By: Ron DeJongh, Chief Commodity Marketing Officer 

As our thoughts turn to spring planting, we remember last fall's delayed harvest including long hours and smaller crops in neighboring states. We remember a lot of 18-24% moisture corn going back home to on-farm bins. 

We know corn quality is a major concern today and will only worsen as we approach warmer months with increased humidity; most importantly, we need to focus on bin safety as dangerous conditions are created by bridged and non-flowing grain.

This week is Grain Bin Safety Week (February 16-22, 2020).

Remember quality tips from Dr. Charles Hurburgh as the weather warms and cools. 

Confined space
Grain Bin Safety Accidents by State; Iowa Unfortunately Leading the Way

10 tips to avoid grain bin entrapments:

1. Develop a “zero entry” mentality—stay out of the bin if possible

2. If you do have to check grain, don’t go alone

3. Check lockout control circuit devices on auger before entering a grain bin

4. Communicate and let others know if you’re entering the bin so augers stay off

5. Break up crusted grain with a long pole from outside the bin

6. Wear a safety harness and have someone watching

7. Run ventilation equipment to release toxic fumes prior to entry

8. Wear a dust filter or respirator

9. Install ladders inside grain bins and paint bright stripes on it for emergency exit

10. Keep children out of bins

Ron De Jongh Web 2020
Chief Commodity Marketing Officer, Ron DeJongh urges growers to put safety first. Stay out of grain bins.