You Deserve More. We Want to Help.


Improved Cash Bid Opportunities through June 30. Call Your Grain Marketing Advisor to Learn More.

What a season. All of us have been dealt unprecedented threats to our health, to our businesses, and to our optimism. 

Yet through it all, you’ve continued to do the hard work it takes to keep our food system running. And we want to work harder for you.

Our grain team is not only adapting how we do business short-term to perform essential business safely; we are evolving our strategies and revising our focus to better meet your grain marketing needs going forward.

We are ready to offer you more.

Now through the end of June Landus is committed to offering you improved grain opportunities. 

We’ve empowered our grain marketing advisors (GMA) to talk to you about the right solution to get old crop grain to the right destination at what we believe is the right time: Now!

As we quickly transition into warmer summer months the threat of reduced grain quality rises, along with the likelihood of very large carryout stocks and potentially record-breaking yield projections. If you are still holding onto old crop grain, we’re concerned about greater challenges lying ahead.

We want your grain, and we want to help you find the right path forward for you. Call your GMA today to hear what they can offer YOU as a valued farmer-owner here at Landus. 

Your operation is at the center of all we do—through good times and bad. Despite the uncertainty lying ahead in our markets, let’s see if we can get you a better price for your grain today.