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Introducing AcreEdge Performance Portfolio | GROW Podcast

November 21, 2023

Seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady has nutrient supplements designed for him because off the shelf supplements don’t meet his specific needs — why should your crops be any different? Be the Tom Brady of farming with AcreEdge products. In this episode, John King hosts guests who are responsible for the launch of the brand new AcreEdge Performance Portfolio—a special line up of products that are designed to enhance critical inputs, optimize application practices, and elevate crop performance throughout the growing season. Listen in as John King, Optimization and Procurement Lead; Edwin Suarez Araya, Technical Agronomy Manager; Matt Jones, Executive Vice President of Sales; Ryan Grant, Marketing and Communications Lead; have to say about AcreEdge and what it provides for the farmer. •View the full AcreEdge Performance Portfolio here •Purchase any AcreEdge product and be entered into the Edge of Your Seat Sweepstakes! View the contest details here •Read more on the state-of-the-art facility being constructed in Boone here •Connect with us

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Your Grain, Our Wheels | Grain Episode

November 07, 2023

A major endeavor Landus will be emphasizing in 2024 is the direct shipment of all our products. Both our grain and agronomy departments currently offer their own versions of direct ship, but the premium service will only get better for next year. GROW Podcast host and Landus strategic account manager Ashley Kaldenberg, strategic dispatcher Savannah Carroll, and grain merchandiser Reese Drenth, provide high-level examples of how farmers can use direct ship for their on-farm, grain needs. Highlights: •Market updates from Reese Drenth at 1:15 •Direct ship can be used throughout the year •Savannah Carroll’s position allows Landus customers to talk to one person to get their direct ship needs met. •On-farm storage grew 20% among Landus growers USDA WASDE report will be released Nov. 9. You’ll find it here. Connect with us

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Plant Health: The Beginning and End | Agronomy Episode

October 24, 2023

The factor that paid dividends this season was stock rigidity and health. With dryer conditions toward the end of this year’s growing season and higher winds to the west, crop health was the make-or-break factor for many farmers. The agronomy trio John King, Brad Sherwin, and Dan Bjorklund, return after exploring through farmer plots and report back their findings. Highlights: Market Update 2024 December corn prices could benefit from a 5%-10% crop risk The Israel and Palestine conflict may affect natural gas prices; which could affect market prices in general Landus crop protection prices launch first week of November. Keep an eye out for Landus communication pieces with more information Agronomy Portion It was a good harvest for Brevant hybrids. Their plant health was great and withstood the dry spell that langured through the end of the V5 growing season. Data will continue to be a big factor for future crops. Sample your soil this year so you’ll know what’s needed for next year. Although potassium is considered a secondary micronutrient, it’s working into consideration as a primary nutrient. Show notes: Dave Lemke brought a lot of insight to this week’s agronomy discussion. Read his recent Getting to Know Landus feature here. Connect with us

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Harvest This Year... And Beyond | GROW Podcast

October 10, 2023

Crop numbers are strong so far in the 2023 harvest. Join the GROW Podcast from in the combine or on the road and get insights for geography harvest numbers and 2024 outlooks. Follow host, and Landus strategic account manager, Ashley Kaldenberg as she sits down with special guest, Landus senior grain merchandiser, Jim Engler, through the latest edition of the GROW Podcast.


Approx. 75% done with bean harvest.

A dry September and low moisture percentage in corn has led to a quick harvest.

Corn test weight is less of a concern. While lower than what’s been seen in the last few years, corn should store well.

Going into harvest, the farmer was weakly sold on grain. Storing crop is a trading decision. Don't fall in love with your crop and sell when appropriate.

Show Notes:

Select the best grain policy for you!

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Fall Fertility and Harvest Progress | GROW Podcast

September 26, 2023

Most of you will be starting up your combines this week in preparation of the 2024 harvest. While you’re in your combine, we invite you to tune into this weeks GROW podcast with the Landus agronomy trio. Join John King, Brad Sherwin, and Dan Bjorklund as they look at how hybrids this season reacted with what products. One thing’s for certain: It pays to be knowledgeable on your hybrids and what you’re putting on your crop. Highlights: Sulfur is a primary nutrient. Weed control was a major factor this harvest Soybean cyst nematodes will continue to be a problem for next year Market Update: Morocco will be primary supplier of phosphate moving forward Farmers should start thinking about buying UAN for Spring Show Notes: Titan® XC and PROCOTE™ Virtual Agronomist Reading Between the Rows Connect With Us

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Crop Tour 2023 Results Are In | GROW Podcast

September 12, 2023

Landus services a healthy chunk of the Iowa corn and soybean farmers. By collecting data and completing service with Iowa growers, Landus is proud to present a comprehensive report that captures a snapshot of what farmers are expecting to harvest in 2023. Landus grain merchandiser, Reese Drenth, walks listeners through the data and what to expect for this season and how it will affect next year’s harvest. Also in this podcast, GROW Podcast host and Landus strategic account manager, Ashley Kaldenberg, sits down with Landus account leads, Jeff Aronson, Luke Vonnahme, and Dave Lemke to discuss the corn and soybean outlook throughout the Landus geography. Show Notes: 2023 Crop Tour Report Presentation WASDE Report Connect With Us

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Rural Matters X GROW Podcast Special

August 29, 2023

The Iowa legislative session of 2023 started in early January and ended in May. Throughout that timeline, Susan Tronchetti, Landus external affairs lead, published Rural Matters; the reoccurring series that covers topics that are debated in the chambers of the capital and impact rural Iowa. Since the session’s end in May, Rural Matters has become a monthly publication still dedicated to exploring topics that impact rural Iowa. In this week’s GROW Podcast, SueTronchetti and Landus business development lead, Brian Crowe, discuss the issues that are most impactful to rural Iowa, what bills were passed in the last session that impact rural Iowa, and national topics like the Farm Bill. Learn more about: Eminent domain battles with the CO2 pipelines School vouchers and the impacts that come with charter schools online The value of a coop being a political player for rural communities Farm Bill coming this year Show notes: Take the healthcare survey (open to Landus farmer-owners until September 11, 2023) Read Rural Matters: Connect With Us:

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Bringing Agriculture Education to Urban Students | GROW Podcast

August 15, 2023

As the state fair kicks off its 169th year, students from all corners of the state congregate to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to eat deep-fried [insert food here], ride fair attractions, and enjoy the free shows and entertainment. Many people, even in the most agricultural affluent state in the country, may not know of the animal showings that run all week long brought by 4-H and FFA chapters from the entire state.

While rural Iowa may know the animal showings brought from their communities from students that raised them, many urban area students may not even know a competition like this exists in their city. Des Moines Public Schools started Central Campus to guide students from the five Des Moines Public High Schools to sharpen them for technical degrees and development after graduation. The Environmental & Agricultural Sciences Academy instructor, Kevin Anderson, invited the Grow Podcast and podcast host, Ashley Kaldenberg, to talk about how agriculture can be better marketed to urban based youth.

Highlights from this episode:

With the rising labor problems in the ag industry, it’s going to be important to span into urban areas with agriculture.

Getting urban based kids exposure to agriculture opens the door for all the areas of interest in the ag industry.

Show notes:

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GROW Podcast: Fertilizer Market Deep Dive

August 01, 2023

In the latest agronomy installment of the GROW Podcast, Landus agronomy lead, John King talks shop with returning guest, Stone X’s director of fertilizer, Josh Linville (@JLinvilleFert). With harvest season inching closer, it can be difficult to look forward to harvest 2024. But now is a great time to look at fertilizer prices and how to situate your operation for success next year.

Highlights from this podcast:

Outlooks on fertilizer prices in the next few weeks and how they’ll impact 2024 harvest

UAN and anhydrous prices look good

Urea is still priced high

Phosphate and potash prices looks great

*As of recording 07/25/2023

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Fertilizer Market Deep Dive | GROW Podcast

August 01, 2023

In the latest agronomy installment of the GROW Podcast, Lanus agronomy lead, John King talks shop with returning guest, Stone X’s director of fertilizer, Josh Linville (@JLinvilleFert). With harvest season inching closer, it can be difficult to look forward to harvest 2024. But now is a great time to look at fertilizer prices and how to situate your operation for success next year. Highlights from this podcast: Outlooks on fertilizer prices in the next few weeks and how they’ll impact 2024 harvest UAN and anhydrous prices look good Urea is still priced high Phosphate and pot ash prices looks great *As of recording 07/25/2023 Watch the podcast Connect with us

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Agriculture Degrees and the Job Market with Mike Gaul | GROW Podcast

July 18, 2023

The GROW Podcast travels to Ames to gain insights from Mike Gaul, Director of Career Services at Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

If you graduated from one of the top agricultural institutions in the country, ISU, you’ve likely run into Mike in Curtiss Hall. Whether it be for career advice, course selection, or just stopped in to chat, Mike has had personal interactions from students spanning 25 years of ISU graduates.

Highlights from this podcast:

Graduates from ISU CALS have a 98.5% placement rate post-graduation

ISU career fair in October is expected to have 289 recruiters

Ag-related salaries have averaged an increase of 8.4% since last year

One of the most unique job markets in ag in the last 25 years

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GROW Podcast: From The Farnhamville Research Plots

July 05, 2023

Broadcasting from the Landus Research Plots in Farnhamville, the agronomy trio: John King, optimization and procurement lead; Brad Sherwin, technical agronomist data analyst; and Dan Bjorklund, technical agronomy and precision lead, find soybean cyst nematodes and tar spot in fields across the state. Find out how we use over 160 acres of research plots to help the farmers tailor the best products, hybrids, and practices. Highlights: •Soybean cyst nematodes are in 90% of soybean fields in Iowa •Tar spot is reported in six central Iowa counties •With a dry spring (tar spot being a fungus that spreads via moisture), and a two-week incubation period, tar spot being spotted early is concerning. •Rootworm beetle has also been reported •Special in-field report from agronomy account lead, Dave Lemke Show notes: Jefferson Seed Center: Tar Spot from 2023: High Yield Learning Group: Tar Spot Tracking Map: Innovation Connector Registration:

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