GROW Solutions Center

Q: What services does the GROW Solutions Center provide?

A: The GROW Solutions Center provides a service to our farmer-owners, to leverage their on-farm data and our expertise while also connecting leading-edge programs that will ultimately drive profitability and meet the demands of the future. 

Q: What are the GROW Solutions Center’s hours of operation? 

A: Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Central with extended hours as needed. 

Q: How can we contact the GROW Solutions Center? 

A: You can contact the GROW Solutions Center via our phone number: (515) 800-GROW (4769) or our email address:

Q: If I have a question, do I contact the GROW Solutions Center or my Account Manager first? 

A: The GROW Solutions Center will be closely partnered with our Account Management team, therefore you can call either and be assured someone is available to answer your questions. 

Q: How do I get my data into your system, for you to help me analyze? 

A: You can select one of the three ways below to get this process started: 

1. Contact the GROW Solutions Center 

2. Contact your Account Manager

3. Sign up via the Landus Customer Portal (Sustainability Tab) 

Q: What are the benefits to the GROW Solutions Center? 

A: The GROW Solutions Center offers an additional set of resources, while displaying agility, speed, and teamwork to deliver solutions to our farmer-owners. 

Q: Is there a cost to use this service? 

A. This service is completely free for Landus farmer-owners to use. 

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