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The Innovation Connector, located in Des Moines, is a hub of emerging technologies to showcase how the field of agriculture is propelling into the future. This space is meant to bring together farmers, community, educators, legislators, and more to promote the importance of agriculture and reveal the fascinating advancements on the horizon.

If you or a group you are a part of have an interest and would like to visit the Landus Innovation Connector, we’d be happy to host you. Please send your inquiry to Landusevents@landus.ag.

Innovation Connector Partners

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Be among the first to experience the future of farm data with TESSERACT’s Smart Space.

Learn more about Tesseract.

IC Partners 24


Learn more about how to grow the soybeans of the future.

Learn more about Frenzy.

IC Partners 24 03

Tempest Droneworx

Between drones, rovers, robots, and more, Tempest Droneworx has the ability and contacts to create an entire monitoring solution for your operation.

Learn more about Tempest Droneworx.

IC Partners 24 11


AcreEdge Performance Portfolio offers a complete lineup of value-added agronomy products designed to enhance crop performance from seed to harvest.

Learn more about AcreEdge.

IC Partners 24 13

Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture. They're passionate about sustainable farming and put innovation at the forefront of everything they do.

Learn more about Farmers Edge.

IC Partners 24 06

Landus Financing

Landus Financing offers custom plans that start at competitive interest rates, and a team that knows your operation and its needs.

Learn more about Financing.

IC Partners 24 07


The LANDWERX innovation hub opens new doors to civilian innovation, granting farmers unprecedented access to problem solvers and solutions within the DEFENSEWERX ecosystem.

Learn more about LANDWERX.

IC Partners 24 05


Nationwide is focused on helping you protect your farm for generations to come through the farm-safety technology they endorse.

Learn more about Nationwide.

IC Partners 24 08


Ostara is today’s best-in-class global innovator and producer of the most efficient phosphate fertilizers on the market. Their products release nutrients naturally in response to plant demand for unmatched nutrient availability and environmental benefits.

Learn more about Ostara.

IC Partners 24 02


PowerPollen's technology enables pollen to be preserved, stored, and then applied at the optimal time to increase yield and minimize risks associated with today’s standard seed practices.

Learn more about PowerPollen.

IC Partners 24 14


Rowbot provides robotic solutions for row crop agriculture.

Learn more about Rowbot.

IC Partners 24

Landus SkyScout

SkyScout provides farmers with data gathered just a few feet in the air that can break the boundaries of what we thought was possible for ag-data.

Learn more about SkyScout.

IC Partners 24 Soiltech


Soiltech was founded with the mission to help farmers improve crop production by providing real-time insights through wireless monitoring.

Learn more about Soiltech.

IC Partners 24 15


Sukup constantly strives to push the boundaries of innovation and quality and currently holds the record for the world’s largest grain bin that holds 2.2 million bushels of corn.

Learn more about Sukup.

IC Partners 24 09


SUL4R-PLUS is a patented calcium sulfate based dry fertilizer engineered to enhance yield for a variety of crops.

Learn more about SUL4R-PLUS

IC Partners 24 17


Talusag Renewables takes the traditional ammonia that’s present in most fertilizers and redesigns the process to create it with responsible practices that make the remote-operated and modular system small enough to be installed on-site at a commercial farm or factory — all while lowering carbon emissions.

Learn more about Talusag.

IC Partners 24 16


TerraClear imagines, designs, and builds solutions to rocks in fields that control costs, automate crop production, and free farmers to focus on the high value aspects of farm production and management.

Learn more about TerraClear.

IC Partners 24 04

Victory Hemp

Victory sees hemp powering a new generation of tasty, plant-based foods that are good for us and our planet.

Learn more about Victory Hemp.