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2021 Corn and Soybean Plot Results Book

The research plots at Farnhamville are our proving ground for our field team to evaluate and experiment with new seed, crop nutrition, crop protection, practices, and the like.

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2023 AcreEdge Soybean Seed Guide

Landus is dedicated to bringing value to our farmer-owners at every step of the supply chain. Every decision matters – from seed selection to agronomic advice – to convenient locations and connections to global marketing opportunities. Our mission is your success. Contact your account manager today to find out how planting Landus AcreEdge can help your operation fulfill its potential.

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At Landus, we offer a variety of seed, along with seed plot results and variable rate seeding recommendations, to help your operation fulfill its potential.

Landus' AcreEdge® seed brand is a geographically-targeted soybean seed lineup bred for results on your acres.

We select traits from the same pool of genetics as the world’s largest seed companies. Because we’ve been doing it for 30 years, we’ve developed seeds with genetics and traits that perform in your fields.

The AcreEdge seed value proposition begins with soybean seed planted on your farm. At harvest, Landus buys your soybeans and processes them into value-added, global-branded dairy feed products that enhance patronage opportunities for all cooperative members.

From AcreEdge, you can expect:

  • Genetics that match your soils, environment and management practices
  • Assurance that all seed has been tested and validated for consistent quality and performance
  • Backing from Landus' full team of Account Managers

Other Seed Products

  • Brevant™
  • NK®
  • Asgrow®
  • Stine®
  • Dekalb®

Non-GMO and Cover Crop Seed

Our farmer-members are looking for diverse options, and we’re here to assist you in being as profitable as possible. To that end, Landus offers a variety of specialty seeds including non-GMO soybeans, cover crops and other small seeds.

We also purchase non-GMO soybeans. Contact your location for more details.

Variable Rate Seeding Recommendations

Soybean and corn variable rate seeding can maximize performance and minimize over-seeding.

We work with growers on varying soybean and corn populations based on their specific farm goals. Utilizing zones is an improved method of using soil types or yield data to create the best variable rate recommendation possible for your operation.

If you’re interested in variable rate seeding, visit with your Account Manager.

Learn more about doing business with Landus.

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Crop Nutrients

Your Landus Account Manager can assist you in selecting crop nutrients for your acres, whether you apply them yourself or we provide application services.

Soil Sampling Recommendations

Our agronomy team offers both zone and grid soil sampling. Using these samples, along with field history, we’ll develop a prescription for your acres that will include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, lime and more.

Integrus™ Starter Fertilizer

Creating a strong, robust plant at emergence is vital to a healthy and productive growing season. Integrus™ starter fertilizer is a proprietary Landus product that is seed-safe and provides an early season source of nutrients.

Integrus is designed for in-furrow use, positioned 2x2 from the seed during planting or foliar applied. It has been shown to:

  • Improve seed response in cold soils
  • Help crops emerge earlier and more uniformly
  • Produce higher quality and drier crops at harvest
  • Increase yield potential

Integrus at a Glance

Ortho Content Immediately available 80/20 ortho-poly content
Potassium Source Potassium hydroxide (non-corrosive)
Salt Index Low salt index
Zinc EDTA zinc
Viscosity Low viscosity and easy to pump
Storability Long shelf life
Application Designed for in-furrow and foliar use
Crop Type Corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat
Compatability High


The Mosaic Company’s MicroEssentials® is the leading, sulfur-enhanced fertilizer combining four key nutrients into a single, nutritionally balanced granule, ensuring uniform nutrient distribution with every application for season-long fertility.

By delivering uniform distribution, MicroEssentials ensures balanced nutrition at the plant level—not just across the field. This results in increased root interception sites and healthier root development so each plant is able to reach its full potential.

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Crop Protection

Whether you need crop protection products, application assistance or both, Landus is here to help you.  We offer a number of branded, private label, and generic crop protection products, and can help you determine what is best for your operation.

Our agronomy team is ready to provide every aspect of your crop protection program, including scouting. We have many years of experience and stand by our products and recommendations.

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Field Services

Landus is proud to have a team of experienced and highly-trained applicators to add to your work force.

This team uses state-of-the-art application and tendering equipment. We apply crop nutrients, including custom anhydrous ammonia, and crop protection products.

Through your member portal, you'll have access to see the status of your custom application work order; from booked to complete.