Save Big $ With Landus! Bundle Your Fungicide Application and Enjoy 0% Financing!


Option 1

  • Veltyma + NitroEdge Boron + Bifenthrin + GroCentric
  • $35/acre

Option 2

  • Trivapro + NitroEdge Boron + Bifenthrin + GroCentric
  • $35/acre


Option 1

  • Veltyma + Rise N+K + Endigo + GroCentric
  • $32.50/acre

Option 2

  • Miravis Neo + Rise N+K + Endigo + GroCentric
  • $32.50/acre

Option 3

  • Aquila XL + Rise N+K + Endigo + GroCentric
  • $19 .50/acre

Add Ons:

  • MicroEdge Boron: $6.26/acre
  • Rise N+K: $7.08/acre
  • CropLift: $8.38/acre
  • NitroEdge Boron: $12.50/acre

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The AcreEdge Performance Portfolio

Welcome to the all-new AcreEdge® Performance Portfolio from Landus – a complete lineup of value-added agronomy products designed to enhance crop performance from seed to harvest. 

We understand the challenge farmers face in product selection, quality assurance, and logistics, and that’s why Landus’ agronomists and scientists came together to create AcreEdge products. They’ve done all the work and cut through the clutter to provide premium, essential products that truly work throughout the growing season. 

Why Choose AcreEdge? 

  • Enhanced Inputs
  • Elevated Crop Performance 
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Optimized Practices

Discover the AcreEdge difference, where agronomy meets performance — giving our farmers an “edge up” in the field.

    Visit the AcreEdge website

    Seed Products

    The overwhelming winner in our Farnhamville research plot was Brevant® seeds paired with Seed+Graphite®. This pairing resulted in:

    • Healthier stalks
    • Better drought tolerance
    • Tar Spot defense
    • Higher yields

    Listen to the GROW Podcast where we dive into the success of Brevant seeds last harvest. Download the Brevant Flyer (PDF)

    Seed Products Available

    • Brevant®
    • NK®
    • Stine®
    • Xitavo®

    Variable Rate Seeding Recommendations

    Soybean and corn variable rate seeding can maximize performance and minimize over-seeding.

    We work with growers on varying soybean and corn populations based on their specific farm goals. Utilizing zones is an improved method of using soil types or yield data to create the best variable rate recommendation possible for your operation.

    If you’re interested in variable rate seeding, visit with your Account Manager.

    Learn more about doing business with Landus.

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    Crop Nutrients

    Your Landus Account Manager can assist you in selecting crop nutrients for your acres, whether you apply them yourself or we provide application services.

    Soil Sampling Recommendations

    Our agronomy team offers both zone and grid soil sampling. Using these samples, along with field history, we’ll develop a prescription for your acres that will include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, lime and more.


    The Mosaic Company’s MicroEssentials® is the leading, sulfur-enhanced fertilizer combining four key nutrients into a single, nutritionally balanced granule, ensuring uniform nutrient distribution with every application for season-long fertility.

    By delivering uniform distribution, MicroEssentials ensures balanced nutrition at the plant level—not just across the field. This results in increased root interception sites and healthier root development so each plant is able to reach its full potential.

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    Field Services

    Landus is proud to have a team of experienced and highly-trained applicators to add to your work force.

    This team uses state-of-the-art application and tendering equipment. We apply crop nutrients, including custom anhydrous ammonia, and crop protection products.

    Through your member portal, you'll have access to see the status of your custom application work order; from booked to complete.