The goal of our agronomy team with respect to technology is to turn your data into recommendations to unlock your field’s potential. 

We offer user-friendly systems that can seamlessly integrate your operation, your Account Manager's recommendations and all of your precision technology needs. For you, it means confidence in your decisions.

Landus understands and implements ag technologies so we can help you utilize the data you’re already generating. Our team can combine data from multiple platforms, such as My John Deere®,  Climate FieldView® and more, and we are brand-neutral. Plus, we stay updated on changes in technologies—which happen frequently—so you don’t have to.

Field mapping, soil sampling and variable rate recommendations

Landus, through our partnership with Climate FieldView, can help you use the leading farm software program to analyze your farm’s data in one place. This platform allows you and/or your Account Manager to:

  • Seamlessly integrate your information, regardless of the source, to help you make informed in-field decisions
  • Collect, store and view your field data from your field, office, or home
  • Instantly visualize and analyze crop performance with imagery and field data maps so you can make the best input decisions for your fields
  • Utilize data to optimize inputs
  • Build a customized plan for each field to manage variability and maximize yield with variable rate planting prescriptions and nitrogen monitoring tools

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