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Landus is a farmer-owned cooperative that elevates and uplifts thousands of farmer-owners throughout North America. Headquartered in Des Moines, Landus bolsters local communities and works to bridge the gap between urban and rural, farmer and consumer. We are focused on sustainable growth and helping our farmers find added value through partnerships that create downstream opportunities. By activating the power of data to connect key contributors across the ag supply chain, we’re helping farmers build sustainable businesses and cultivating a more secure food and fuel future. The future of ag starts here.

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All Landus Membership Benefits

As a member, you earn equity in your cooperative. Landus reinvests on behalf of its membership and distributes profits by approval of the Board of Directors.

Landus is directed by a board of typical farmer-owners. It’s their strategy that leads our day-to-day operations — our customers are our bosses. Members are given the opportunity to nominate and elect these farmer leaders annually. At the end of every year, you're invited to our annual financial review and report as well as our Annual Meeting.

You can earn patronage based on all of the business you do. The more you do, the more you can earn. Like most farmer cooperatives, we distribute patronage in three ways:

  • Cash
  • Equity in the company, which is invested and re-distributed on a revolving basis
  • Tax benefits

Unlike most farmer cooperatives, we offer a dedicated team of experts to make sure you can do the best business that you can do, even if that means not going through us directly.

Our dedicated team of virtual grain, agronomy, feed, data, carbon and sustainability, finance, and Landus customer marketing program experts make up the GROW Solutions Center. They’re a group of ag specialists available to address all concerns and questions related to any farmer-owners' operations.

A full membership is $500. This one-time fee creates an opportunity to work with a team of experts that are invested in your best interests and help your operation maximize its success.

Our Precision Ag High Yield Learning Groups are partnership driven gatherings of farmers who want their operation to perform its best every season. Get access to seminars, newsletters, and commentary through your Landus membership.

Landus Member Programs

Landus Hotel Discount Program

Landus customers can now receive discounted rates at six hotels in downtown Des Moines for any travel that takes them there. For hotel information and how to book, see our hotel discount flyer.

Hotel Discount Program Flyer

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