Membership is ownership

As a member, you earn equity in your cooperative. Landus reinvests on behalf of its membership and distributes profits by approval of the Board of Directors.

One Member, One Vote

Landus is directed by a body of farmer-owners, which is the Board of Directors. Their strategy leads our day-to-day operations. Our bosses are the cooperative’s farmer-owners. They have an opportunity to nominate and elect these farmer leaders.

Invested in Value-Added

Landus connects soybeans with both farmers and dairymen. Our branded soybean seed, AcreEdge, is a geographically-targeted lineup bred for results in your fields. SoyPlus is a high-protein bypass dairy feed marketed globally and manufactured from soybeans purchased from Landus customers across Iowa. As a member, your equity is invested in this full-circle, diversified process.

Member Vehicle Incentive Program

Landus members can save up to $8,000 off fleet ordered vehicles and up to $6,000 off dealer stock vehicles through the FCA incentive program. Qualifying members must be direct farmer-owners who have completed the specific documentation required by Landus, qualifying them as Landus farmer-owners.

Full Program Details Here

Landus Hotel Discount Program

Landus customers can now receive discounted rates at six hotels in downtown Des Moines for any travel that takes them there. For hotel information and how to book, see our hotel discount flyer.

Hotel Discount Program Flyer

Already a member? Have a question about your equity? Log into the customer portal to submit a question regarding your account.


As a farmer-owner, you earn patronage based on all the business you do with the cooperative. The more business you do, the more you can earn. Like most farmer cooperatives, we distribute patronage in three ways:

  • Cash
  • Equity in the company, which is invested and redistributed on a revolving basis
  • Tax benefits

Invitation to Our Annual Meeting

Farmer-owners are invited to our annual financial review, receive access to a year-end financial report, and are invited to visit with members of the board and leadership team.