Landus’ portfolio of high-quality dairy feed ingredients showcases the farmer-owned cooperative’s unique soybean supply chain and commitment to delivering innovative solutions to dairy producers and feedmills worldwide.

Manufacturing Value from Field to Farm

Landus began processing soybeans at our Ralston facility in 1942. In the early 1980s, we started investigating how innovations in soybean meal processing could benefit our farmer-members.

In 1984, SoyPlus® was launched. This high-quality soybean meal-based feed became the gold standard of dairy nutrition which other dairy bypass products would be measured against.

SoyPlus earned a reputation for consistent quality and results, along with ISO 90001 certification for its manufacturing process, guaranteeing that customers around the world would receive superior quality and service.

In 1997, Landus began processing a dairy feed supplement capable of aiding in dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) balancing. Today this product is known as SoyChlor®.

Introduced in 2010, PasturChlor® is designed to offer a low calcium approach to DCAD adjustment.

Soyplus Reversed

For more than 30 years, nutritionists and producers worldwide have counted on the quality and consistency of SoyPlus. By providing a uniform 60 percent RUP and 93 percent digestibility combined with reliable supply chain management and an excellent customer service experience, the statistics clearly prove that SoyPlus has set the standard in bypass protein.

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Soychlor Reversed

Introduced by Landus in 1997, SoyChlor is a palatable dietary chloride source designed for use in balancing dietary cation-anion differences (DCAD). SoyChlor has been proven to assist pre-fresh dairy cows with DCAD balancing and reducing instances of subclinical hypocalcemia as well as clinical milk fever.

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Pasturchlor Reversed

Combining the proven concepts of reduced DCAD, low dietary calcium and essential supplemental magnesium, PasturChlor is an essential tool for DCAD management. By decreasing the amount of bioavailable calcium, efficiency in the utilization of bone calcium is increased, reducing the instances of common transitional health issues.

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