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Consistent. Reliable. Efficient.

At Landus, we’re the critical partner linking farmers and grain markets.

For farmers, we serve you by providing the connection to a vast world of market demand, including domestic and global grain buyers, feed companies and corn and soybean processors. We’ve grown in order to give you more options, building relationships worldwide that benefit you and your operation. 

Landus is the only agricultural retailer in the state of Iowa with access to seven different railroads. We use data-driven marketing solutions that connect grain marketing and agronomy purchasing with logistics and operations. This enables us to offer our members and farmers the best possible solutions through a portfolio of marketing options. 

Our Relationship Specialists and Account Managers are dedicated to serving you. We work with you to understand your goals and preferences. Plus, we take the noise out of the marketplace to help you make decisions, and we take the hassle out of trading to help you enjoy a positive experience. 

Railroad Access Points

You’ll enjoy working with Landus because we’re committed to making the process as easy and efficient as possible, with a:

  • Full-time team of merchandisers and grain buyers
  • Full-time logistics team handling trucking, rail and more
  • Robust quality assurance program to ensure grain meets specifications

For grain customers, we provide access to quality soybean and corn bushels from more than 7,000 farmers in Iowa and Minnesota. 

For companies with sustainability commitments, Landus offers non-GMO and other specialty corn and soybean products, along with traceability programs.

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