Take Advantage of Precision Agronomy Expertise

Maximize increases in field averages through the power of data analytics and expert technical agronomy.

Offerings in the precision ag space continue to evolve and as the importance of on-farm data escalates, precision agriculture not only feeds the data pipeline but also offers farmers a way to implement data-driven practices. Landus offers knowledgeable expertise and experience in precision ag keeping farmers in tune with the latest solutions. 

Taking It a Step Further

By enrolling in the Landus Precision Ag High Yield Learning Groups, farmer-owners can take advantage of our precision agronomy expertise. This annual membership learning group allows innovative farmers to:

  • Connect with a cohort of like-minded peers
  • Engage with experts
  • Learn how to enhance precision ag strategy to increase yields

Learning Group Warranty

We’ve designed an optional warranty-backed crop plan using data science and Landus technology that will help you maximize your yields and unlock the full potential of your operation. If the plan doesn’t meet or beat your Harvest Benchmark Yield, you’ll receive a per acre credit from Landus. Learn more about the Landus Learning Group Warranty.

Enrollment Deadline: January 31, 2023

Enroll Today   What are the member benefits?

Learning Group Member Value

  • Use of agronomy and precision ag to increase field averages to 100 bu/acre soybeans and 300 bu/acre corn
  • Understanding of basic and advanced methods of soil testing, tissue sampling, and imagery offerings
  • Emphasis on the growth stages of the plant, the impacts of stress, and solutions to mitigate
  • Exploration of new innovations and how to use, such as biologicals, foliar, and more
  • In-field training at Landus test plots

  • Guest speakers to discuss key agronomic issues and how to manage what is manageable
  • Field trips for hands-on exposure, such as the USDA research farm and Landus Innovation Connector
  • Data review - aggregated assessment of yield data of participating members, interpretation and recommendations
  • Individual planning session and troubleshooting with Landus account team and precision specialist
  • The Precision Ag High-Yield Learning Group will meet in-person 4-6 times per year, with additional virtual connects as necessary

Eligibility and Membership Levels


Landus farmer-owners with 100+ acres who are collecting and willing to confidentially share data including soil testing, harvest data and planting data are eligible. For maximum value and to provide quality interactions, the learning groups will be limited in size. Our focus will be to provide customized attention as well as build comradery and trust among members.

Membership Levels

Basic Level
Fee: $5/acre
Genetics consultation
Advanced ag analytics
Landus Learning Group Warranty (optional)
Premiere Level
Fee: $10/acre
Genetics consultation
Advanced ag analytics
Landus Learning Group Warranty (optional)
Taranis Smart Scout Insights

Learning Groups Enrollment

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Eligibility Note: 100+ acres
Acres x $5 for Basic level; Acres x $10 for Premiere level

Landus Learning Group Warranty Program

About the Program

We’ve designed an optional warranty-backed crop plan using data science and Landus technology that will help you maximize your yields and unlock the full potential of your operation. When you follow the simple steps, you’ll capture all the upside of our high-performing products. If the plan doesn’t meet or beat your Harvest Benchmark Yield, you’ll receive a per acre credit from Landus.

110% APH Warranty Credit

If your Harvest Benchmark Yield is not achieved:

  • Corn: $30/Acre
  • Soybeans: $20/Acre


  1. Purchase and plant the recommended seed from Landus.
  2. Follow the recommendations put forth by the Technical Agronomic Data Analyst
  3. Maintain a Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Policy on enrolled acre

What is Taranis Smart Scout?

Via remote sensing, Taranis Smart Scout collects and analyzes leaf-level resolution of fields to identify weeds, diseases, insects, and nutrient deficiencies. The company has been assembling its artificial intelligence (AI) engine for seven years with more than 200 million AI-data points. Together with Landus precision ag agronomy experts, farmer-owners will have real-time data available in an insight dashboard to make immediate decisions for field health.

Leaf-Level Insights

AI-enabled, leaf-level insights provide unsurpassed resolution and unmistakable insights, eliminating guesswork and enabling faster, more effective action.

Satellite Data

Daily Field Health insights and trends, provided by the highest quality satellite imagery data analyzed through Taranis’ powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Anomaly Areas

Review and track your field health. Find abnormalities and areas of opportunity over time using anomaly map layers.