Your Vision via Conduit

Building your enterprise is your vision. Conduit is here to help you fill gaps and inject a stable foundation for your next steps forward.

Conduit offers decades of combined management experience and is a catalyst in supporting ag businesses that help farmers expand their operations. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landus, Conduit has access to industry sales, strategy, and operations expertise in grain, agronomy, data, feed and more.

Connections and Collaborations

Landus Conduit connects enterprising farmers, aligned agriculture partners, and grain organizations with collaborators to streamline supply chain and access incremental value. Collaborations will benefit from new service options through the Landus GROW Solutions Center and financing partners to create new capabilities and channels for sustainability across all segments.

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Innovation and Support Systems

By bolstering areas like Grain, Agronomy, Processing, and all aspects of agriculture, Conduit is a service that isn’t bound by brick and mortar to grow your business through innovation and support systems.

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Grain Services

  • Merchandising & Marketing
  • Logistical Advantages
  • Freight Management
  • End-User Relationships
Agronomy services - drone over a field

Agronomy & Processing Services

  • Input Sourcing & Risk Management
  • Financing
  • Direct links with CPP Formulators and CN Manufacturers
Ralston Processing Facility


  • Soy Crush for Biodiesel and SoyPlus
  • Feed Production
  • Ingredient Sourcing
Landus corporate office building

Back Office & Marketing Support

  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media
  • Crisis Communications and Response
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GROW Solutions Center

A virtual hub available for the growers of the future. With top experts that help with any ag-related question, it’s our staple service that sets us apart from competitors.

Solidifying Your Foundation

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Conduit connects both upstream and downstream organizations to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Our team offers a wealth of deep experience in categories that link ag retailers and farmers to collaborators who need to tell a story to end-users and consumers about sustainably raised, high yielding food, fiber, and fuel.

Landus Conduit will work on growing beyond the borders of Iowa through non-brick-and-mortar collaborations with companies who benefit from Landus’ access to grain, its extensive grain merchandising network, agronomy analytics and sourcing, access to rail and direct shipping, and decades of expertise in the cooperative and ag retail space.