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Titan® XC and PROCOTE™ are your 1-2 punch for maximizing plant nutrition.

Titan® XC unlocks dry fertilizer potential for enhanced plant uptake, while PROCOTE™ delivers essential micronutrients efficiently. It’s the 1-2 punch for optimal plant nutrition.

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How will PROCOTE and Titan XC Help Me and My Fields?

The 1-2 Punch of Crop Nutrition

Step 1: Titan XC

Formulated for use with dry fertilizer blends, Titan XC contains concentrated biochemistry that helps you get more out of your applied P & K fertilizers by increasing nutrient availability, helping optimize yield potential and providing outstanding grower ROI.

Step 2: YaraVita PROCOTE

Proprietary technology in this revolutionary application increases nutrient accessibility, has 99% less granular dust than other similar applications, and distributes consistently across feeding sites.

Explore the benefits of this winning formula for your operation. Contact your Account Lead or the Landus GROW Solutions Center today to find out more.

Give Your Field the Benefits of Both Products

Titan XC

Expedites nutrient availability and uptake

Enhances nutrient use efficiency

Improves 1st-year nutrient recovery

Optimizes yield potential


Reduce granular dust by up to 99%

Efficient distribution of essential micronutrients

Available in Boron, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc and blends of BCMZ and BMZ

Consistent ROI across all crops

Contact the GROW Solutions Center

Call (515) 800-GROW (4769)Email the GROW Solutions Center

Learn About Each Product

Titan® XC

Titan XC is specifically formulated for use with dry fertilizer blends. This formulation is concentrated for superior impregnation on fertilizer prill.

Titan XC contains concentrated biochemistry that helps growers get more out of their applied P & K fertilizers by increasing nutrient availability. By accelerating the breakdown of treated dry fertilizers and converting organic nutrients into plant-available forms, Titan XC makes nutrients more available for plant uptake and utilization, helping to optimize yield potential and provide outstanding grower ROI. Titan XC can be incorporated into any conventional production practice that employs dry fertilizers.

YaraVita® PROCOTE™

YaraVita PROCOTE is a dealer applied proprietary micronutrient coating that leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. With YaraVita PROCOTE a farmer’s dry fertilizer program becomes the platform to deliver complete nutrition without complexity. YaraVita PROCOTE is available in Boron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc and blends of BCMZ and BMZ.