AcreEdge Soybeans Ensure Quality

SoyPlus is a member of the Dairy Nutrition Plus product line produced by Landus Cooperative. The company sources soybeans from 7,000 farmer-owners throughout Iowa and parts of Minnesota.

From the time the soybean seeds are planted in the ground, Landus Cooperative has an opportunity to touch every step in the supply chain, all the way to your dairy.

That supply chain advantage was recently enhanced as the company unveiled new branding for its own branded seed, AcreEdge.

“Our cooperative structure allows us direct access to the land and our farmers. AcreEdge is just one way we can help our producers grow the best beans, bred specifically for our territory, so that we can turn those beans into a value-added product like SoyPlus,” said Mark Cullen, chief animal nutrition officer overseeing the Dairy Nutrition Plus product line.

Formerly known as FC Soybeans, the newly-named AcreEdge is a geographically-targeted soybean seed brand bred specifically for quality results in the fields of our local growers. For nearly three decades, the cooperative has been the only farmer-owned cooperative to sell branded seed with Monsanto-licensed traits.