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Tar spot is spreading into and being seen in more and more of Iowa. On this podcast, Meaghan Anderson a Field Agronomist with Iowa State University Extension, joins host, John King, and Landus Technical Agronomist, Dan Bjorklund to talk through this evolving disease. Meaghan explains the discovery of Tar Spot in Iowa and how we’ve seen the disease prevalence spread. The group dives into what tar spot is and how it impacts the crop. They talk through the optimal growing conditions for tar spot and timing for most impact. Even better though, a large portion of the discussion focuses on action and what can be done to help farmers manage the disease.

The product of the month segment this episode focuses on Landus’ recommendation for how to handle tar spot and what products and treatment timing. One key takeaway from this section, was to make sure to have a plan and plan ahead. John warns that product supply could be tight and how an advanced strategy will be key.

Meaghan provided a variety of resources to share with our listeners (listed below). Dan also encouraged listeners to look into the Precision Ag High Yield Learning Groups being offered by Landus that will explore tar spot and provide data specific to your operation.

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