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Beans, on Beans, on Beans – Grain Episode

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Landus offers a unique position for farmers’ soybeans through the soy production facility in Ralston, IA. This facility crushes more than 25 million bushels of beans each year and is one of the largest mechanical processing facilities in the world. In this episode join guest, Brandon Finke the lead of the Landus Animal Nutrition department, as he walks listeners through this asset and the valuable products manufactured. Learn about SoyPlus, the high bypass soybean meal that is used within the dairy industry, and how the facility has expanded to meet the increased demand.

Host, Ashley Kaldenberg, also spends time diving into the oil product and the hot topic of renewable diesel, and how Landus can play a role in this discussion through the Ralston facility and the demand for farmers’ soybean oil. This is a new frontier and Landus has positioned our farmer-owners to be a key link in meeting this demand and creating programs that offer all stakeholders opportunity due to owning our crush facility. Soybean demand will be high and continue to remain high! Listen to this episode to understand the levers driving this demand.

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