Bridging the Gap — Urban & Rural Students Collaborate on Landus Mural

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High school art students from Greene County Community School District (GCSD) and Des Moines Public Schools Central Campus (DMPSCC) were invited to the Landus Des Moines Connector to participate in a collaborative project in the Innovation Connector. 

The Innovation Connector's 65’ by 10' blackboard welcomes a new mural annually ahead of every Innovation Connector event. This year, Landus had the privilege to welcome art and graphic design students from GCSD and DMPSCC to concept and create our “Bridging the Gap” mural. 

“We appreciate the chance to partner with organizations like Landus and other schools. Creating a space where students can share their work is crucial to building community.”

GCSD High School Art Teacher, Sarah Stott

The two teachers were introduced by Landus via virtual meetings and they collaborated with their classes over a three-week period to create the design concept and determine how the two schools would combine to finish the project. As the designs progressed, the schools held checkpoint meetings with the Landus team to ensure the design would deliver on the theme “Bridging the Gap.” Over 25 students dedicated their Friday before Spring Break to chalk their designs onto the blackboard to be seen by Innovation Connector Event attendees. The two student groups were strangers before they arrived at Landus, but they dove in and exhibited #TheLandusWay – agility, courage, teamwork and speed – to finish the mural before the end of the school day.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to have the students from urban and rural come together to create. The students not only learned to work together, but to showcase their work.”

DMPSCC Graphic Communications Instructor, Tim Rice

Check out the timelapse of the process and the timelapse of the talented artists collectively sketching their designs on our Facebook Page.

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