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Bringing Agriculture Education to Urban Students

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As the state fair kicks off its 169th year, students from all corners of the state congregate to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to eat deep-fried [insert food here], ride fair attractions, and enjoy the free shows and entertainment. Many people, even in the most agricultural affluent state in the country, may not know of the animal showings that run all week long brought by 4-H and FFA chapters from the entire state. 

While rural Iowa may know the animal showings brought from their communities from students that raised them, many urban area students may not even know a competition like this exists in their city. Des Moines Public Schools started Central Campus to guide students from the five Des Moines Public High Schools to sharpen them for technical degrees and development after graduation. The Environmental & Agricultural Sciences Academy instructor, Kevin Anderson, invited the Grow Podcast and podcast host, Ashley Kaldenberg, to talk about how agriculture can be better marketed to urban based youth. 

Highlights from this episode: 

  • With the rising labor problems in the ag industry, it’s going to be important to span into urban areas with agriculture. 
  • Getting urban based kids exposure to agriculture opens the door for all the areas of interest in the ag industry.

Show notes: