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Demystify DCAD Monitoring

Dairy ph level urine sample

Monitoring pre-fresh cows on a negative DCAD diet with urine pH testing doesn’t have to be difficult. Combining a moderate DCAD management approach with the consistency of SoyChlor can simplify your DCAD management plan.

Don’t let the questions you may have about urine pH testing and how to manage cows on a negative DCAD diet prevent your cows from having healthy transitions. Instead, let us show you how to have success with a moderate DCAD diet. By taking a more moderate approach to DCAD management and understanding both the benefits and limitations of urine pH testing you can achieve simplified DCAD success.

We’ve created a blog post to answer your questions about urine pH testing protocols and explain how moderate DCAD can deliver results in your herd. Visit the Landus Cooperative blog to get answers to:

  • What should you look for when testing urine pH?
  • What limits does pH testing have?
  • How can a moderate DCAD program deliver optimal results?
  • Understand what urine pH can and can’t tell you about your negative DCAD diet.

DCAD management done right is not extra work. It’s an investment in the health and productivity of your cows.

Read our post "What Urine pH Can and Can’t Tell You About Your Negative DCAD Diet."