Employee Spotlight Angie Dunlap

HR Angie Dunlap Ames Employee Testimonial Website 070119 v12

Growing up in rural Story County, Iowa, Angie Dunlap always noticed the importance of agriculture, but never understood the breadth of career opportunities until she started as an Agronomy Accounts Payable Specialist.

“I didn’t know it took so many products to grow corn and beans,” noted Dunlap. “It’s been interesting to me learning about different chemicals and fertilizers and what they do,” she added. 

For the past eleven years Angie has served in a multi-million-dollar role as an Agronomy Accounts Payable Specialist at the Ames office. She describes her role simply, “I pay the bills for all the agronomy products for all of our locations.” She is responsible for paying over 100 million dollars’ worth of agronomy vendors bills each year. From paying agronomy vendor bills, to keeping track of fertilizer contracts, and applicator licenses, her role is critical to our agronomy business. 

“I am in constant contact with 80-100 Landus Cooperative employees plus some of the largest outside agronomy venders in the industry” Angie explains. She works with at least one person from each location to make sure the agronomy billing is correct. Angie also helps to ensure each location has all the products they need to serve their customers. Paying the bills on time ensures trusting partnerships with our vendors and that in turn secures timely delivery of these products for our customers. 

Angie Dunlap embraces Landus Cooperative’s value of FUN. As a member of the Ames Culture Club, Dunlap assists in organizing activities to incorporate fun! The committee is composed of ten employees that are committed to enhancing the company culture and employee experience at the Ames office. She is quick to offer help to get employees together to support the community where we work. She helped coordinate a canned food drive for the local food pantry in Ames. Each department competed to build “the best” sculpture out of the food they collected to donate. “This is one of the highlights of being part of these culture building events,” Angie said. “If you have a little friendly competition, that seems to get more people involved! It’s great to see these events spark departments working together.” 

Dunlap shares that a career at Landus Cooperative has long-term potential. Her advice to job seekers is, “It’s a great company to work for. If you’re good to them, they will be good to you.” 

Angie was able to find the ideal career opportunity for her, focused around agriculture, at Landus Cooperative. 

HR Angie Dunlap Ames Employee Testimonial Website 070119 v12