Employee Spotlight - Ben Nelson

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Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise! 

Every morning Ben Nelson’s internal alarm clock goes off and he rises at 4:30 a.m. He pours himself a cup a coffee, eats a light breakfast, and watches the morning weather to prepare himself for a full day of applying vital nutrients on Landus Cooperative customers’ fields. 

Ben Nelson is a seasoned Custom Applicator who always knew he wanted a career in agriculture. “Growing up on a dairy farm, waking before sunrise to milk cows, I learned early on that everything in the world relies on the agriculture industry,” Nelson said. With nearly eighteen years of experience as an applicator, he takes pride in applying crop nutrients, pesticides, and herbicides to customers’ fields efficiently and effectively. This past season Nelson covered around 45,000 acres, which to put into perspective is equivalent to the size of Cedar Rapids, IA. Passing over that amount of land in a nine-month period, is not an easy task. 

“When the weather allows, our team just go, go, goes,” Nelson explained. “We work long hours during growing season in order to provide a valuable service to the customers in our region.”

To accomplish their goals, Ben and his team know the value of open, honest communication. “Our goal is always to do things right the first time, but when a mistake is made, we admit to it and work together to make it right,” he expressed. This honesty and integrity lead to customer satisfaction and overall successful seasons. To celebrate this success, Ben and the rest of the Templeton location team enjoy a good BBQ. 

“Applicators, tenders, agronomists, operations, we all work together to provide our product in a timely, efficient manner,” Ben mentioned.

Nelson’s days may start before dawn, but at the end of the day, it is worth it to provide a quality product to Landus Cooperative farmer-members and customers.