Employee Spotlight - Bret Stork

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As a production lead at the SoyPlus plant in Ralston, Bret Stork stands by the quote, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” 

Feeling empowered everyday as a leader within the plant, Bret is trusted by his manager to evaluate processes or make changes as he sees fit. Bret has been in his current position for the past four years, though he started with Landus at the SoyPlus plant eight years ago.

Bret’s top priority is to ensure that the soybean meal and soybean oil they produce is the best quality possible - free of contaminants that could be found in railcars or trucks to ensure feed consumption safety.

When it comes to his everyday tasks, he orders products needed to refine the oil, efficiently loads out the soybean meal, and oversees plant operations to correct any issues. As someone who enjoys a challenge and solving problems, Bret finds this position very rewarding when he can provide his team with solutions to difficult problems. 

Over 70,000 bushels of soybeans are processed each day at the SoyPlus plant in Ralston, producing 690,00 lbs. of oil and around 1,800 tons of soybean meal. That means that each year, they process over 25.5 million bushels of soybeans – which is roughly half a million acres of soybeans, or 65% of the state of Rhode Island. 

While his knowledge of soybean processing has grown exponentially from his work, Bret’s leadership skills have grown with the many leadership classes he has taken through the Landus Manager Development Program. 

Last year he completed the Carroll County Leadership class, and he is also a member of the Carroll Young Professionals, where members build relationships to enhance their professional development and contribute to the community.

“I’ve learned that a positive disruptor in the workplace is a good thing. If a person or business doesn’t adapt to the world around them, then they’re setting themselves up for failure,” said Bret.

Bret appreciates the strong teamwork within Landus and recommends it to anyone seeking out a place of great employment. 

“Landus has great benefits, and there are endless opportunities to advance within the company if you want to seek out a leadership role,” says Bret.