Employee Spotlight - Chase Hunter

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Not only is safety a priority at Landus, but it’s one of the core values that our company is centered on -because as Chase Hunter likes to say, “safety never sleeps.”

As the Environmental and Health Field Safety Manager (EHS) for the Southwest region, Hunter’s job is to be a resource - helping when things don’t go as planned and educating employees on safety to prevent future accidents. 

As a people person and a problem solver, the everyday challenge of making work at Landus even safer is what excites Hunter. Assisting the 18 locations in the Southwest region, he’s an Iowa native and resident of Yale, the same town he grew up in. Hunter also holds an associate degree from Des Moines Area Community College in business concentration.

Growing up on his parent’s farm in Yale, Hunter was throwing hay bales and bags of seeds as soon as he was old enough to. And managing his family’s crops is what gave him the passion for starting his own garden. A garden with such variety that it’s like having an entire product section in his backyard, with tomatoes, cabbage, onions, beets, radishes, and peppers. 

A few years after graduating high school, Hunter worked for Cargill on their production line. Soon after, Hunter became a Cargill Safety Assistant and made the move to Minneapolis. 

But after the two years in Minnesota, he was feeling homesick and saw the opportunity with Landus to continue helping others through safety - something he learned the importance of and grew fond of at Cargill. 

“I think what surprises people about the Environmental and Health Field Safety Manager’s role is how much goes into the job. We are constantly thinking of all the possible different scenarios that can happen, as well as keeping up on the current rules and regulations from OSHA, EPA, DOT, DNR, and even the United States Department of Homeland Security,” said Hunter. 

Working together with the three other EHS Managers, their team has weekly and monthly meetings to touch base and discuss issues – otherwise, they spend much of their time out of the office and traveling to different locations, a perk that Hunter values as he’s not the type to stay still. 

“No matter your passion, you could always find a job at Landus. There are so many opportunities that are centered around different things – whether it’s accounting, communications, technology, customer service or marketing,” said Hunter.