Employee Spotlight - Hannah Healy

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For Landus IT Service Technician, Hannah Healy, her college internship at Landus led her to the career she loves. 

With a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Iowa State University, technology has always been of interest to Healy – always wanting to know the latest and the greatest that was available and how it worked.

Growing up in Carroll, Healy had always been around agriculture through her extended family and spent Saturdays during harvest in the cab of the combine with her uncles.

Working as an IT Service Technician, she loves that daily tasks are never boring with so many different projects to do. Some days she is climbing grain elevators to adjust the radios on top and some days she is setting up new employees with emails and computer equipment.

Often called “IT Cheerleader” within the IT department, she is always a positive light for those she helps. 

“People are usually stressed when they call the IT helpline, so I always say ‘SMILE,’ it helps”, says Healy.

Throughout her three years at Landus, the biggest growth she has seen in herself, besides knowledge of technology, has been getting more familiar traveling across Iowa to all the Landus locations through the beautiful countryside.

With her frequent travels to any of Landus’ 60 locations through Iowa and Minnesota, she has been able to meet almost everyone in the company – a rare thing with so many employees. For Healy, she believes this is crucial for creating a relationship for a good working environment throughout the entire company.

“I believe that when working in a service department, your goal should be to resolve issues with a positive attitude. I always try my best to meet the needs of our employees to create a trusting relationship with them,” says Healy. 

At the end of the day, Healy’s advice to others and one of the most important lessons she has learned is the words “Thank You.” 

“The words ‘Thank You’ go a long way. You never know what kind of day they are having and a thank you is just what they needed to hear,” says Healy.