Employee Spotlight - Holly Betten

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Is there a saying or mantra you live by? Something that frames your professional or personal life? Holly Betten, Landus Cooperative Manager of Talent Management, lives by a saying that perfectly characterizes her role in employee learning and development.

“Focus on the future because we are going to spend the rest of our lives there.”

Charles Kettering

Seventeen years ago, while attending Iowa State University, Holly started her career with Landus Cooperative as an intern and joined the team full-time after graduation in 2006. Her responsibilities include organizing and facilitating employee learning and development opportunities including leadership, management, and communication skills, as well as managing the company-wide educational course program, Landus Cooperative University.

Through Landus Cooperative University, employees have the opportunity to select from various online courses of interest to promote self-growth. Courses offered include Excel, basic computer skills, time management, leadership, among various other topics. The best part of Landus Cooperative University is courses are available on demand, which means employees can take any course at their convenience.

“Our goal is to help our team members get from where they are to where they want to be in their career,” Holly explained. “This can be through internal trainings, external education, everyday empowerment, or working one-on-one to create a development plan specific to them.”

Another way Holly and her team enhance employees’ knowledge is through a manager development seminar. This program brings managers from across the cooperative together and allows them to grow in their leadership, and overall management role. They then use this knowledge to work with their team providing Landus Cooperative farmer-members and customers what they need to be successful in their farm operations.

“Our Manager Development Seminar is a team effort. Each member of the HR team plays a critical part in the bi-yearly training that enhances our managers’ skills. The collaborative effort is what makes that training a possibility. We utilize each other’s strengths to deliver timely and relevant topics for those in a management role,” Holly stated.

Working with her fellow Landus Cooperative team members is what makes Holly excited to go to work every morning. “The people are hands-down my favorite thing about my job,” Holly expressed. “We operate under a work hard, play hard mentality. We have a fabulous team that truly cares about providing exceptional service to our farmer-members and customers. A cooperative is a vital part of the food chain and our employees work many hours ensuring that families, like mine, are able to eat. Throughout the long hours of the busy season, you still hear laughter and fun. That’s what makes our workplace great!”

Holly added her advice for anyone who has a dream of where they want to go in life, “The only restriction in your own career is yourself. Take advantage of the development opportunities offered, and you will grow to where you want to be.”