Getting to Know Landus: Ari Flack

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“Most people are shocked by the hair, but everyone at Landus has been so real and down-to-earth!” 

With a new hair color every few months, Ari Flack in the Landus IT Department gets every reaction imaginable from people she meets in her day-to-day life. 

The Landus IT Department has been expanding with the rest of Landus. November 2022 was Ari’s first month as a full-time employee. Her initial engagement with Landus was as a contractor. 

Typically, in an IT profession, new hires go through a contracting process that shows the employer how the prospective employee operates and handles tasks. 

She remembers her recruiter sitting her down, “Landus doesn't want to hire you for a contract position...they want to hire you on full-time.” Ari was ecstatic to hear the news. 

One pillar of #TheLandusWay is teamwork. Without the IT Department, we’d have many issues without solutions that would bring much of the Landus operation to a standstill. Going through sometimes hundreds of tickets per day, the IT Department works to keep the various Landus websites and systems running and operational.

Ari said during her interview, Chuck Pauk, Director of Technical Services said, “I want you to meet my team before we bring you on.” Given the team-oriented nature of Landus, Ari knew how important it was to meet the team she would potentially be working with. 

Ari’s diverse background working in all kinds of industries intrigued the IT Team. What she learned from past jobs, paired with her education, made Ari a great fit for the future security infrastructure IT was ready to implement. Possessing the skills to problem-solve and troubleshoot computer, security, and system issues makes for the perfect IT team addition. 

She said Landus is, “booming right now and that’s perfect because I’ll be growing as the company grows, and that’s the perfect place you want to be.” 

Landus continues to grow, and with that growth, we’re here to help employees reach their goals and ambitions. If an IT problem arises, maybe you’ll have the pleasure of working with Ari! 

With Landus expanding, our IT department is looking for qualified individuals for future projects. If you know anyone who you think would be a good fit at Landus, encourage them to apply at