Getting to Know Landus: Danny Clouse

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“I heard about the idea Landus had for the Boone manufacturing and storage location and I really couldn’t stay away from it.”

Landus recruits people from all walks of life. Whether people come to work here for the health benefits, the challenge of a fast-paced environment, or the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of ag technology, Landus has something for everyone. In the case of ‪Landus Warehouse Distribution Manager, Danny Clouse, opening a state-of-the-art distribution center in the middle of the country, capable of shipping anywhere in the world, appealed to his likeness of the high-stress, intense workload, and the pressure that comes with the task.

A job at of this caliber requires a person with a real passion for making the farmer a priority. Growing up on a family farm in Ohio, Danny found work in agriculture at an early age and sees families just like his in the ones he serves.

“I worked for massive companies that sold wholesale to retailers and there was no connection to the farmers from where I was. The way Landus has navigated to putting farmers at their center is remarkable and I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of.”

The Boone location that Danny will run prioritizes convenience for the workers at the location, and transitively, the farmer. By having 50 bulk tanks of on-site manufactured chemical and fertilizer, Danny can receive, create, package, and ship an order all from the same location. Complimented with the new direct ship offerings from Landus, products can be shipped directly to the barn doors of the grower—faster than ever before.

“I’ve been a part of these big conglomerate companies and they all struggle to change quickly. This new Boone facility is just one way Landus makes themselves more agile and for a cooperative of this size to move this quickly is rare,” he said.

Danny lives in Ames, with his wife Laura, and their two daughters, Julia and Rachel, both of whom play competitive soccer.

The Landus Boone location will be hiring staff to complete orders for farmers across the country. If you, or someone you know has warehouse experience and interested in a role, stay tuned to the Landus careers page for openings when the facility launches.