Getting to Know Landus: Dave Lemke

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“My wife asks me, ‘why don’t you stop? Retire.’ And my answer is always, “Because I like it. I like what I do. I like working with farmers. I get to meet a lot of people. Why stop?” 

An over 35-year-career in the same field is a rare achievement in any industry. To be viewed as a farmer’s business partner and assist in decision-making is seldom granted to individuals. A testament to a life-long career that spans hundreds of thousands of farming acres; over decades can only be summarized to that of, Dave Lemke. 

Entering the cooperative model in 1986, Dave has seen the many stages and swings of the ag industry. His relationships date back to when he started and continue today. From Odebolt to Webster City, Dave’s relationships have been forged through trust being a Certified Crop Advisor. 

"I’m not trying to sell product to farmers. I’m solely interested in helping them make the right decisions for their farm. I’m not just some guy from Landus to them — they know me, and they trust me."

Dave Lemke, Landus account lead

Dave’s typical day ranges from meeting with customers, placing orders for them, and driving across Landus geography to survey where farmers are running into obstacles in their fields. His approach is holistic: what are the farmer’s goals, what’s stopping them from reaching those goals, and what can he do to help. 

All too often the waters of the ag industry become clouded with “noise” from manufacturers, dealers, and sometimes coops. To set himself apart from that “noise,” Dave has worked years to develop relationships and root his morals in transparency to receive the trust of the farmer. Dave brings his years of seed experience to his farmers and helps them make the right decisions for their unique operation. 

Dave spends his free time volunteering for his church in Fort Dodge and with his grandchildren. 

Landus is hiring relationship managers and specialists across our geography: check out open positions on our careers page. Grow your career with Landus and help your community farm.