Getting to Know Landus: Emily Koenigsfeld

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“No matter what you do, you’ll likely need customer service skills to be successful.” 

Since the creation of Landus, we’ve been reeling in our focus to be centered on the farmer. Landus billing specialist, Emily Koenigsfeld has built a career with Landus that started in 2015 as a seasonal hire. Now a career that has flourished as a full-time position at the Dike location, Emily sees hundreds of customers through the harvest season and puts their needs at the top of every agenda in the Dike office. 

I knew I wanted to work in ag and at a cooperative. Landus was near where I was living, and the seasonal positions offer lots of hours to gain experience.

Emily Koenigsfeld, billing specialist

After her seasonal positions, Emily came to work for Landus full-time last year. The skills she picked up during her seasonal career served as the foundation for the skillset she needs to fulfill her responsibilities as a billing specialist today. 

Dike area farmers not only have a billing specialist they can depend on, but also have a familiar face to talk fishing spots, camping getaways, and outdoor recreation in the area. 

“I love camping and anything outside. Although I prefer an office setting for my day job, I really do enjoy the outdoors.” 

Landus seasonal positions are available today! Whether you’re a retiree who wants to get back to harvest season excitement or a high school student wanting to gain hands-on experience, Landus has a seasonal position for you! 

If you’re interested in applying for seasonal positions at Landus, check out our careers page.