Getting to Know Landus: Jon Boss

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Here at Landus, the success of our farmer-owners is crucial to the success of our business. Understanding that, about as well as anybody, is account lead, Jon Boss, who covers our Dike and New Hartford locations. 

After graduating from Iowa State University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy, Jon accepted a full-time position with Landus that was focused more on precision agriculture. He saw this position as an opportunity to enter an exciting, bustling field while also continuing to work under the same supervisors he greatly respected while interning with Landus in college. 

Five years and a couple of title changes later, Jon now finds himself leading his team and helping our customers. Landus allowed him to establish himself as a professional and ultimately find a clearer path into a role he felt more comfortable and confident in a few years later. With that being said, Jon still credits his long-term loyalty to those he is surrounded by every day and the bond they have developed. 

If I didn’t enjoy the environment I was coming to every day, I probably would’ve gone somewhere else, but I really enjoy the people I work with. You spend more time with them than your spouse and family sometimes, so you got to really like them.

Jon Boss, Account Lead

Jon also praises the great customer base he interacts with. Although answering their burning questions may be challenging at times, Jon knows how appreciative the Landus farmer-owners are of the work that that he and his team do to make yields as successful as they can be.

“When [customers] call me excited about making the yield goal they were shooting for and when they’re surprised that they did that well... that’s pretty rewarding for me, knowing we did something right,” said, Jon Boss. 

In his free time, Jon enjoys traveling throughout Iowa with his wife to catch up with friends and play a round of golf. Both Jon and his wife grew up on farms and now help their family farms, now with an energetic chocolate lab puppy running around to give them a helping hand. Being that the Cyclone sweethearts met in Ames, they also like to make it back to Jack Trice Stadium and Hilton Coliseum at least once a year to cheer on the cardinal and gold.