Getting To Know Landus: Maddie Gruber

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As Landus continues to grow, positions of all kinds are opening up opportunities for professionals to succeed. As a way to better educate our team on what those positions all entail, we're sharing monthly spotlight features on unique roles. This month's feature, Maddie Gruber, speaks about her role as a GROW Grain Marketing Advisor in the GROW Solutions Center. 

After earning her Bachelors in Ag Communication and Animal Science in 2021, the virtual work from home environment was present in nearly all aspects of the professional world. Commuting an hour from her home in Clarksville to work in Bradford, a work from home option was a top priority in finding a job that would fit her requirements. 

“While I was searching for a job, I was in the relocating process. Landus offered an accommodating hybrid position that minimized the longer commutes that I thought I was going to have.” 

Landus prides itself on its work from home option and a dedicated HR department that promotes a well-suited work-life balance. By offering responsible time off, all full-time employees get the opportunity to take time for themselves and their families when they need to. 

After being hired directly out of ISU, Maddie sold grain for Landus farmer-owners as an Account Manager. The Landus training program in sales offers new employees an opportunity to further their success and build Landus connections throughout the state and beyond. 

Shortly after her hire, she was moved to the GROW Solutions Center where she could continue expanding her grain knowledge. 

“I knew I was going to have to shift to agronomy eventually, but really wanted to stay in grain. Janette Smith approached me with the opportunity to work in the GROW Solutions Center and continue working in grain.” 

Women in ag has been a pillar Landus has continued to build upon. Our people are our most valuable asset, and providing the opportunity for everyone to succeed in ag makes us more capable of solving complex problems. 

“There aren’t that many jobs in agriculture for women where we can feel valued in our position. I feel like Landus appreciates me and takes my opinions seriously — they trust me and respect my perspective and that’s worth a lot.” 

Above all else, Maddie appreciates the variety that each day brings to her position. 

“I didn’t want a job where every day was going to be the same. The GROW Solutions Center offers a new challenge that isn’t the same twice. And if I’m approached with an advanced problem, my team is my support system to get the answers I need. ” 

With Landus expanding its reach, our GROW Solutions Center is being used as a tool to entice farmers to join Landus’ network of farmer-owners. If you know anyone who you think would be a good fit at Landus, encourage them to apply at