Getting to Know Landus: Savannah Carroll

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On any day, Landus can have close to 150 trucks moving across the state, picking up and delivering grain between farmers and Landus locations. Conducting the symphony of organized chaos is manager of fleet dispatch, Savannah Carroll. Although a farmer may never have the pleasure of meeting Savannah, she makes sure the delivery specialists arriving at their location on time. 

Savannah has worked for Landus for nearly four years and holds a degree in Agricultural Studies from Iowa State University. She manages a significant portion of the Landus fleet of trucks. Her work behind the curtain managing the activity of the drivers behind the wheels plays a crucial role in keeping the fleet at peak performance. 

The drivers are the heart of what we do. And if I can help provide our farmers with the best drivers who’ll give them great service, that’s a pretty good day for me.

Savannah Carroll

While working in ag prior to joining Landus, Savannah experienced companies and leadership stuck in conventional ways of doing business, and she quickly outgrew the path of what was in store for her in previous roles. 

“Landus, going forward, is leaning into the future,” she said. “I get to work from home, or pretty much anywhere I want, and we’ve embraced the flexibility of the remote team environment.” 

Today, Savannah works from the home she shares with her fiancé. Together, they travel the world —recently visiting Thailand last February, make outings to improve their golf game, and of course, attend as many Iowa State athletic events as they can. 

“I work with Savannah, and she makes sure you get time to put your family first,” said Larry Royer, delivery specialist. 

Interested in working with Savannah? Landus is hiring delivery specialists to take on the harvest season. Landus’ team-oriented culture extends into the cab of our trucks, through our location staff, and into the conversations with our farmer-owners. If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining Landus as a delivery specialist, our driving positions enjoy routine schedules, are home every night, and are offered second-to-none benefits on day one of employment. Apply now and work with people like Savannah on the road to deliver for Landus! 

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