Year-End Grain Resources in the Portal

Portal Grain Deliveries Link

Grain Delivery Detail

View your deliveries in the portal.

  • All "open" deliveries are shown by default. To see all of your deliveries for this year, select "2019" in the drop down in the top right corner.
  • Filter, or limit your view, by clicking on the funnel. You can sort/view by "location," or "commodity"
  • Export your data into PDF or Excel

To see the details, such as individual scale tickets, about your delivery, click on the hyperlinked, blue delivery number.

Delivery Detail Page

View Details of Delivery

This page offers your delivery averages and scale ticket information.

  • View grade averages
  • Send entire delivery page to PDF or PDF or send to Excel by each section
  • View all scale ticket details

View Summary by Crop Year

This section allows you to see the total for all deliveries in the crop year.

Additional resources are online assist you in setting up and using your Landus Cooperative portal or app account.