H-2A Workers Proving to Be a Harvest Asset


Earlier this month, Landus shared the innovative way we solved our labor needs for this harvest season. We were able to work with SESO, who helped Landus source and onboard ten H-2A workers, who are foreign national persons who come to the United States for temporary agricultural work. These team members have been essential at three Landus locations during this busy time. 

Landus Hub Leads at the locations at which these workers are staffed provided an update on how these team members have been performing. Brian Hill, Landus Hub Lead in Jefferson, shared, “The H-2A employees are outstanding. They come to work with great attitudes and make the workday fun. We would love to welcome them back to assist with next year’s harvest.”

Landus Hub Lead Kyle Lehman echoed Brian’s statement. “The workers are very skilled and high-quality employees. They exemplify the type of worker I would love to hire and staff at all our locations. Their work ethic is second to none.” Landus Location Lead Erin Stewart agreed. “I’m glad I had the opportunity to go through this new process of hiring H-2A workers. They are happy to be here, even on the very cold mornings, and I would hire these employees back in a heartbeat.”

Another innovative strategy around these workers was finding temporary housing for them, due to the short-term employment time frame as well as housing limitations in our rural communities. Through a large team effort and research, the Landus team was able to find available rental properties and develop other housing solutions that meet the requirements of the government regulations. 

Landus is currently working to secure another group of H-2A workers, who will be employed with Landus from March through November 2023, and we are sourcing accommodations for these employees in and near Lake City, Rockwell City, and Parkersburg. If you live near one of these locations and have a housing solution you would like to share, please reach out to HR Business Partner Lori Herrstrom at