How Your Agronomy Input Supply Chain is Faring In Volatile Markets


Landus Cooperative has been working closely with agronomy input suppliers in the midst of this market disruption. So far, we are seeing no interruption to shipments and everything is operating normally. 

At Landus Cooperative we have large tanks and facilities that allow us to purchase and hold large amounts of product. To start the season, we took an aggressive approach on purchases to cover the needs of our farmer-members and customers which reduces the amount of in-season purchases we would need. This reduces our exposure to market volatility. 

We have taken a more aggressive approach to get our chemicals into our sheds. Our bulk chemical tanks were full to start this season and we have been working to fill shuttles for our customers. Then, as space allows, we are then topping off tanks again to have inventory on-hand. We have brought in more of our package chemicals than typical for this time of year and we are also working with suppliers on forecasts so that they can also get additional inventory moved into their warehouses so they can bring them to us as needed. 

Everyone in the supply chain is working diligently on keeping safe and healthy as we all know that we have a job to do; help you help feed the world.