Innovation Connector Spring Series 2024 Recap

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DES MOINES, Iowa (May 1, 2024) — Landus hosted its bi-annual Innovation Connector events that occurred on March 27 & 28 and April 3 & 4. Not only did farmers get first impressions on how they can use the latest ag technology on their farms, but they also got insights on Landus projects before anyone else. 


Landus Conduit has shaped into a new group co-run with former CEO of Farmers Business Network, Amol Deshpande. Conduit will build the framework for the Cooperative of the Future. With an asset-light model that features grain buying, chemical delivery, and grain delivery services throughout the U.S. grain belt without having physical locations, Conduit will be a comprehensive one-stop-shop for the farmers every need. Farmers have the opportunity to further invest in the cooperative’s efforts into technology and innovation with Conduit and propel their cooperative into a more profitable future. More details are included in our full release, here.  

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Landus is restarting efforts to get farmers access to affordable healthcare. Although it’s not in the traditional scope of responsibility of a cooperative, Landus is committed to working with farmers and industry leaders to bring a group policy that covers farmers for healthcare. Exploring Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) programs will be the steps moving forward. Expect additional information to be released later this year. In addition to putting a heavier emphasis on health and wellness, Landus has hired Dr. Dehra Harris as the new Senior Director of Performance and Education. Read her full release here.

IC Recap_Tesseract
Attendees got hands-on demonstrations of Tesseract Synthesis technology

Innovation Connector partner Tesseract demonstrated its capabilities of aggregating data for farmers to predict future weeds, growth patterns, and other potential risks in growth. Tesseract introduced its Synthesis program that plans on past data, current data, and future outlook data from your equipment, gives recommendations on chemicals and treatments to get the best performance out of your crops, and proves that an analytical approach to agriculture will become the industry standard. Sold with Landus SkyScout, Tesseract will be accepting test farmers for this year’s growing season. More details will come in a future announcement.

Landus has also established its dedicated sustainability team. Carbon Intensity (CI) scores and 45Z Clean Fuel Production Credits will work their way into how the Farmer of Tomorrow will supplement their income and find value added in their crop. To get the grower ahead of what they’ll have to learn, the Landus sustainability team has created a CI Score Calculator. Farmers got to demo the calculator at the Innovation Connector with their specific operation. Soon, farmers can call the GROW Solutions Center and get their CI scores in seconds! With upcoming partnerships that will help farmers market their grain to downstream customers, Landus is excited to share full projects taken on by our Sustainability Team.

The Innovation Connector events provide the best forum to get Landus announcements before they’re publicly announced. If you’re a farmer-owner and this is your cooperative, you are strongly encouraged to attend the Innovation Connector Fall Series later this year.

Dates and registration for the next series of the Innovation Connector will be available at a later announcement.