Innovative Ways to Solve Our Labor Needs

Innovative Ways to Solve Our Labor Needs 092822

Innovation is one of the core pillars of Landus. Each and every day, we strive to find better ways to conduct business that benefit both our farmer-owners and our employees. That’s why, when it came to hiring seasonal help for this year’s upcoming harvest, we set out to find an innovative strategy that would help us hire quality team members that, due to the challenge of finding seasonal help locally, will provide a better solution for our labor needs.

Our HR team took on the challenge of finding our seasonal help, utilizing the platform SESO. This labor service helps companies source and onboard H-2A workers, ensuring that our locations run as smoothly as possible for our farmers during this busy time of year. 

What is an H-2A worker? 

An H-2A worker is a foreign national person who comes to the United States for temporary agricultural work. U.S. employers or agents who meet specific requirements are able to hire H-2A employees. 

Landus welcomed ten workers to three of our locations. These workers are excited to help us during this busy time. Landus Human Resources Business Partner Lori Herstrom said, “Seasonal help has always been a challenge for us to find and hire each fall and spring. Utilizing an innovative platform like SESO has made this process so much easier.”

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