Introducing the AcreEdge Performance Portfolio

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DES MOINES, Iowa (November 14, 2023) — Available for order today, the AcreEdge Performance Portfolio, the all-new line up of agronomy products, is here to bolster the success of your 2024 crop. Manufactured by Landus, AcreEdge has the capability to be created on demand and tailored to fit the needs of the farmer of tomorrow. 

Developed with the data gathered in fields that span across Iowa, AcreEdge products are vetted in real world scenarios and have been tested in the fields that they’ll be used in. This portfolio of products includes adjuvants, foliar nutritionals, seed treatments, and biostimulant technology. 

“AcreEdge is all about the farmer. We are excited to launch a product line that’s owned by farmers, designed for farmers, and backed by innovation and data-driven results to position farmers for success in the future. We are proud to manufacture this product line right here in the United States. Many of these products will be made here in Iowa and shipped directly out of our new manufacturing and repack facility in Boone, Iowa,” said Matt Carstens, Landus President & CEO. 

Headlining these products is the flagship technology that can be infused into a majority of the products within the portfolio. CropPWR Technology is a biostimulant (plant extracts derived from Ecklonia Maxima) + an amino acid complex. In other words, CropPWR is designed to boost crop performance and protect yield potential. CropPWR regulates and enhances crop’s physiological processes for improved yields and quality. 

“These products have the versatility to be used in nearly any field across the Midwest. With the versatility of CropPWR, we’re confident that any farmer can find a great value in what we’re offering,” said John King, Landus Optimization & Procurement Lead. 

If you are wanting to learn more or make a purchase, contact the GROW Solutions Center at (515) 800-GROW (4769) or visit


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