Landus Acquires Grain Elevator in Atlantic, Iowa

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AMES, IOWA (October 22, 2021) – Landus, Iowa’s largest farmer-owned grain cooperative, announced today the acquisition of a 3.4-million-bushel grain elevator in Atlantic, Iowa. 

The facility was most recently operated by Pipeline Foods through a joint venture with ADM. Landus purchased the facility through a public bidding process following Pipeline Foods’ recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

“This well-maintained asset is a win for Landus farmer-owners. The facility will round out our grain and agronomy offerings in this southwestern region of our territory and open the door to improved services to local Atlantic-area farmers,” said Matt Carstens, President and CEO of Landus.

The grain elevator is strategically positioned at the crossroads of major truck and rail routes in the heart of corn and soybean country. This site enables grain shipment out of the state via the Iowa Interstate Railroad. Landus currently operates a separate agronomy facility in Atlantic.

Landus will move quickly to assume full ownership and operation of the facility in early November.