Landus Celebrates Workplace Safety

Safety Days Website 081523

The top-billed priority that Landus looks to improve every day is our commitment to safety. That's why Landus hosts “Safety Days” every year. Safety Days are hosted at two Landus locations that bring Landus team members together with industry safety experts to run hands-on, real-world examples of safety disciplines. 

Over 120 Landus employees attended the Mitchellville event, and 155 attended the event in Ralston. Each event was compiled of three stations run by outside entities and experts in agriculture safety. 

  • Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) – a DOT officer demonstrated a step-by-step walkthrough of vehicle inspections on a one-ton truck with a gooseneck trailer and a hopper tractor trailer. The officer provided information regarding what makes a vehicle “out of service” and common mistakes to look for in a pre-inspection. 
  • Fall Tech – Fall Tech conducted an in-depth demonstration on harness inspection and fall protection. After going through an inspection of the provided harnesses, volunteers were placed in harnesses and raised above the ground (showing what it will/should feel like to be suspended in the harness). 
  • Professional Rescue Innovations (PRI) - PRI conducted a confined space module where one volunteer was placed in a harness and lowered from a platform and three other volunteers performed a “rescue” from the top of the platform. 
  • Nationwide – Nationwide performed a grain dust explosion simulation, showing the potential damage that can result from grain dust build-up and ignition. 
  • Grainger – A representative from Grainger set up a booth to chat with attendees and answer any questions about services and products.

In 2022, 42 fatal and nonfatal grain engulfment incidents were reported. These incidents were all related to fall protection and proper harness use. Of the cases reported in the Midwest, Iowa has the highest number of incidents. With events like Safety Days, Landus is working to reduce the number to zero through training, education, and experience. 

Safety is an ever-evolving practice for Landus. Events like Safety Days keep that practice top-of-mind for Landus employees so they can keep themselves and our farmer-owners safe.