Landus Cooperative Leaders Respond to U.S. Trade Announcements

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China Statement by Landus Cooperative Chief Commodity Marketing Officer, Ron DeJongh

“We applaud the signing of the first phase of a trade agreement with China by President Trump this week. This provides a first step toward a more fair and open trade agreement long term with the largest customer in the world. Our farmer-members are more successful when free and honest trade opportunities exist. China is a major demand center for soybeans, corn and livestock producers. We look forward to continuing to advocate for our members by identifying domestic and international demand centers which elevate the value of their high-quality grain.” 

Iowa Soybean Association statement:

USCMA Statement from Landus Cooperative Board of Directors President, Jim Carlson, Gowrie, Iowa farmer 

“Landus Cooperative applauds the U.S. Senate for passing the U.S./Canada/Mexico agreement. We look forward to a swift signature by President Trump and final approval by our trading partners. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we ship, on average, between 15 and 20 million bushels of grain to Mexico annually. Our local livestock producers will benefit as well as our international customers; we have been exporting value-added dairy feed to Canada and Mexico for more than two decades. Our cooperative has been advocating for this agreement with our industry partners and thank our elected officials. Maintaining long-term, strong trade partnerships is imperative to the success of our more than 7,000 farmer-members across 26 Iowa counties.” 

USMCA is important to Landus Cooperative’s members 

Landus Cooperative Grain Movement 

  • Shipped more than 15 million bushels of grain to Mexico last year
  • On average, we ship a grain train to Mexico every 7-10 days 
  • We can ship grain to Mexico from 10 locations 
  • 110-car shuttle go to Mexico which equates to 450 semi-trucks of grain 

SoyPlus, manufactured in Ralston, Iowa shipments to Mexico

  • Proud to continually serve a Mexico customer for the last 20 years 
  • On average, that one customer purchases 40 rail cars of SoyPlus each month
  • 10-15% of our total SoyPlus sales go to Mexico; 30-50% of the cooperative’s total bean receipts are processed into SoyPlus. 

SoyChlor, manufactured in Jefferson Iowa: 15% of our total SoyChlor production goes to Canada or Mexico today.