Landus Cooperative Supports the Greene, IA Fire Department

Greene Fire Department receives donation for new gator from Landus Cooperative

AMES, Iowa – Landus Cooperative recently donated $2,500 in conjunction with the Land O’ Lakes Foundation for a total of $5,000 to the Greene Fire Department to support the purchase of a new gator used for field fires and patient transplant in remote areas.

Landus Cooperative is committed to supporting projects to enhance farm and agricultural safety and healthcare and emergency response services in our communities.

“We appreciate the dedication to the safety and protection of our employees, farmer-members, and community members,” said Bruce Balvanz, Greene location manager for Landus Cooperative. “Corporately and locally, we thank you for your service to Greene and the surrounding communities.”

Landus Cooperative is pleased to partner with the Land O’ Lakes Foundation to provide an impact with this donation to the Greene Fire Department.