Landus Cooperative's Commitment to Customers

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Despite the many unknowns your business may face amid the global spread of COVID-19, we assure that you can continue to depend on a reliable supply of quality feed ingredients from our Landus Cooperative team. 

Reliability, consistency and safety in our contribution to the ag and food supply chain remain top priorities for our SoyPlus and SoyChlor manufacturing teams. The following are some of the actions taken to ensure ongoing supply chain reliability and the health and safety of our employees during this time:

  • Landus Cooperative is following CDC recommendations for employees to help prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19.
  • As a farmer-owned cooperative, we are in constant communication with our local soybean suppliers every day. We do not anticipate any disruptions in our soybean supplies. As with your industry, ours is deemed essential in this crisis and we thank our farmer-owners for all the hard work they do to consistently supply us with high-quality inputs.
  • Our logistics team communicates daily with trucking partners and railroad contacts to monitor transportation challenges and proactively identify solutions to any hurdles that may arise. We continue to receive reassurance from the railroads that their networks remain fluid and fully operational.
  • Our Iowa-based team stays connected with local and state government officials via phone and email to offer feedback to help promote regulatory enhancements that benefit business continuity and safety as we work through this health pandemic. We are grateful to our government officials who have demonstrated continued support of the needs of our critical food and ag infrastructure.

Despite these unprecedented times, we want you to remain assured that Landus Cooperative will remain open for business and committed to meeting the needs of SoyPlus and SoyChlor customers, and we will notify you of any important COVID-19 related updates along the way. 

Thank you for the critical work you contribute to our global food supply chain.